For Johnny


I brought you ruins, all the crumbled
Walls of glory and joy that every boy dreams to keep,
And there was never retreat.

The road far too often traveled coalesced into thought,
From naught but years of tears and anger,
By the words of a stranger.

And curiosity took hold of a child's hand,
A poet who no longer heard the call of words from afar,
And an angry predator who'd survived when prey.

Seven beasts playing at gang
Savegely stole eighteen years,

But you rebuilt ruins, all the crumbled
Shards of me who were born in sojourn.
They meant well, but I am free.

by Brandon Spalletta

  • When I started seeing Johnny, I was overwhelmed, stressed & unhappy. In the short time I've been working with her, she has taught me tools to deal with the reasons at the heart of my stress. I sleep better, I'm happier, and I have more energy. I have recommended Johnny to others before and would recommend her again in a heartbeat. When I use the tools I've learned, I prevent a huge amount of the stress I used to feel. When I do get worked up, I go back to the tools, I'm able to calm down, and I see a path through that I know I can manage. In our sessions, we talk through issues, look at tools I can use, and process negative events using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). Using EMDR has been a huge help. I start out feeling worried and hurt, and during the EMDR, those feelings decrease and go away. Positive, healthy feelings rise up to replace them, and I end up feeling relaxed and worthy. Johnny has helped me build a life that I'm loving, and I heartily recommend her.


My experience with EMDR Therapy with Ms. Powell was extremely successful and rewarding.  I believe a significant factor in this success was the time Johnny took to properly educate and prepare me for this innovative and relatively new therapy.

Part of the first appointment was spent defining the "rules" for both of us in terms of cancellations, insurance paperwork, etc.  What I really appreciated about this was it set a level of respect that went both ways:  what I needed to do as a client and what she needed to do as a therapist.

The explanation of the EMDR therapy plus the time to get a solid foundation for the actual work was not at all rushed, which made the whole process that much more comfortabl

For anyone not familiar with this particular therapy, it is intended to help victims of trauma.  I was hesitant to enter this therapy because I would not have considered my problems to be trauma-based, but trauma is not necessarily a violent or accident/attack incident.  If you find yourself "stuck" with the same recurring thought(s) about specific troubling incidents that you just can't seem to get beyond, you should consider trying this therapy.

After some difficult but well-guided work, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.  Having reprocessed some very negative thoughts in to something much more constructive through EMDR Therapy, I sleep better, have more patience and concentration, and simply feel better overall.

Johnny's style and approach to therapy are professional yet easy going, and a comfortable client has a greater chance of success.

My time with Johnny was well spent with a very successful outcome.


I worried about writing this review because I wanted to say just the right thing.  Johnny has helped me so much and I'm not sure I will be able to express everything I want to say.  She is professional, but also a "real" person.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and a great outlook on life which has been wonderfully refreshing and inspiring. She is willing to meet me where I am at emotionally and I feel I can be honest with her and trust her with my thoughts and feelings which is so important in therapy.  I appreciate so much that she obviously thinks of my situation in between sessions  and has suggestions and ideas of different ways to work on my issues in addition to just talking.  She has helped me get up off the couch; dance with my son; appreciate my marriage and feel like I can do this; I can live life to the fullest.  Thank you Johnny!

Johnny is a great therapist. She got back to me right away when I tried to schedule something with her. I've seen a couple, and she is the only one who approaches her therapy in a goal-oriented way, as opposed to just paying someone to talk in circles for an hour. She understands that life isn't "by the book," and comes up with unique things for you to try in order for me to succeed.  She also helped me to find a sense of humor about some things, which is refreshing compared to other therapists who just wanted to "baby" me. I never felt like my money was being wasted or "what am I even here for?" Her straight-forward, results-oriented style worked well for me and I highly recommend her. She's definitely not the person to come to if you're looking to spend an hour every week for a couple years blabbing about your problems, but if you are looking to really change something about how you're living life, she's the best out there for the job.

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